Trains On Our Tracks
The long view, a solid backbone to our transport future

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All Aboard!

For our parents, for our children for our economy and for our planet. Our rail network is the easy rolling solution to service accesibility for young and old residents.

  • “Bring back the train and ease the congestion in town!!”G Ambrose - Resident
  • ” Train service would ease the traffic congestion and make it easier for young people to access work and university.”E Stephens - Local
  • ” If ever there was a rail corridor that was not only made for but alas now begging for a regular commuter/tourist service, the Casino Murwillumbah line would have to be it!!! Don’t be fobbed off by the politicians/consultants who ‘guestimated’ the cost of rehabilitation/restoration to be over $900 million! You could relay the whole line with gold sleepers, and it still would be cheaper than that. Keep on Tooting!!!”Garry H
  • ” Better management of significant traffic congestion in coastal towns such as Byron Bay. Provide alternative travel and experiences for tourist visitors. Give councils opportunity to make better use of limited road funding. Provide much needed public transport across the region. Location on second busiest transport corridor in country. Linked to Queensland rail at Coolangatta airport would connect Sydney, Coolangatta and Brisbane Airports. And much more…go to the TOOT website”Basil C - Councillor
  • ” An integrated rail system via Byron Bay to the southern end of Qld. should be a tourism priority”Valda C
  • ” Public transport is the lifeline to small and not so small communities.”Susan P - Resident

Lets Roll!

Solar trains in parallel with bike trails is the clean and affordable solution we need

Percent of population within 5kms of rail lines.

Percent of residents over 60.

Percent of residents under 17.

Percent of residents would rather live without a car.

Running Down the Line

Where do you get off?

Current unused Northern Rivers rail corridor to be reinstated
Current Brisbane to Gold Coast train line
Proposed Gold Coast Airport rail link for 2018 Commonwealth Games